Reiki Treatments in Crowthorne

What Happens During A Reiki Treatment?

Receiving a Reiki treatment is very simple and lasts about an hour. You simply lie down on a couch and relax. There is nothing to do and nothing to think about. You remain fully clothed, only shoes need to be removed.

The Reiki Practitioner is a channel for the concentrated Life Force Energy. During a Reiki treatment energy is drawn through the hands of the practitioner and into the body of the recipient. It increases the vibrational frequency of the whole system, and has a deeply relaxing effect that increases the flow of energy within the body by clearing blockages caused by stress. By detoxifying the cells, the Reiki energy helps us to gently release stuck emotions and feelings that may be hidden in our subconscious and holding us back in our lives.

Reiki can also help in reducing pain as it restores the body’s own natural self-healing mechanisms. Reiki works holistically and has a consciousness of its own, ensuring that it goes where it is most needed, whether that be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. By doing this Reiki helps to bring a person back into balance. The number of treatments required depends upon the root cause of the problem and the amount of energy needed to restore well-being.

How will I feel during A Reiki Treatment?

Individuals will experience Reiki in a variety of ways. The most common effects include feeling warmth and tingling as well as a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation. The influx of energy may help to loosen difficult issues in your life and you may experience an emotional release or a new sense of clarity about a particular problem. Reiki has no harmful effects as it only flows in the quantity necessary for the recipient.

Can Reiki Help Me?

Reiki is said to help all forms of illness whether physical, mental or emotional. It promotes well-being by boosting energy at every level, supporting and accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It complements the effectiveness of most forms of medication and treatment. It is a completely safe, natural method of healing which does not depend on a belief system, it is simply a tool that we use and work with. Reiki can provide what we are all ultimately seeking – health and happiness.

Treatment Prices

Reiki Treatment – £40

All treatments are held in Crowthorne, Berkshire.

Recent Testimonials

“As soon as you enter through the front door you can feel your shoulders drop and feel more relaxed. I love Reiki and it is always a surprise how your body reacts to the treatment with no two treatments being the same depending on how you are feeling. The Reiki treatment itself is just wonderful, very calming, very relaxing and hugely beneficial. On your first visit Janine will run through what the treatment involves and addresses any issues you may have and will talk through the treatment at the end. A wonderful treatment and highly recommended.”

Sara – Yateley Hampshire

“I have been having wonderful Reiki treatments from Janine for almost 10 years. Her treatment room is always warm and inviting. Janine takes time to talk through any problems I may have before the treatment and ensures that I am comfortable. Every treatment is different but always very relaxing and powerful; if anything arises during the treatment there is time given to discuss it. Janine is an excellent Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and I have been privileged to study with her for my Reiki Master qualification.”

Alyson – Aldershot Hampshire

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