Self-Enquiry Meditation

“Thoughts and feelings come and go, what is it that remains.”

Originating from a 5000-year-old tradition, Jnana Yoga is the core teaching of the yoga texts, the Upanishads. It was refreshed and promoted by Ramana Maharshi in the early 20th Century and is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. It brings us to the understanding and acceptance that everything in our outer world is temporary and passing including all objects, concepts, events and people and it is because of this, we cannot rely on them to bring us lasting happiness. In addition, we also realise that even all our thoughts and feelings are temporary but what does reveal itself is a constant presence of peace that underlies them all. It is this presence of peace that is our True Nature.

It is by practising Atma Vichara (Self-Enquiry Meditation) that we come to this understanding of who we truly are (Self-Realisation). Atma-Vichara is considered the noblest of meditation practices in the journey to Self-Realization. It helps us to understand our inner self, unfold our potential, and find our purpose.

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