Why Learn Yoga

Yoga is a system of physical, mental and spiritual development that originated in India some 5000 years ago. It is a personal development programme that teaches us how to quieten our minds and how to flow harmoniously with our lives. When we learn Yoga, the postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, mantras and meditation enhance our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Yoga classes are always unique to the teacher. As Yoga is a very personal experience, every teacher will have their own style of teaching and their ideas of what their classes should incorporate will of course vary widely. You will find many classes that concentrate on the Yoga postures only, while some others, although mainly physical, will also touch upon the spiritual aspect of Yoga. There are also a few classes that have a very holistic approach, giving equal importance to all the different facets of Yoga. The question you need to ask yourself is “What am I looking for?” If you don’t feel comfortable with a class, look for a different one. There are classes out there to suit absolutely everyone who wants to learn Yoga.

All physical Yoga is known as Hatha Yoga. There are many types of physical Yoga to learn, including Ashtanga and Power Yoga, Bikram or Hot Yoga, Vini Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Integral Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, the list goes on…

Integral Yoga

The Yoga I teach is based on Integral Yoga. Integral Yoga follows the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda, who went to the United States from India in the 1960s and founded many Yoga institutes. Integral Yoga is a gentle, Hatha Yoga practice, and classes usually include postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and relaxation, meditation and mantra (Sanskrit chanting). It is called Integral Yoga because it seeks to integrate the mind, body, and spirit, and is intended to give students the tools they need to live peaceful, healthy, happy and purposeful lives.

When you learn Yoga with me, although the classes are not strongly physical, they aim to keep the joints flexible and the muscles supple and strong as well as working on all the internal systems in order to keep the body fit and healthy. In addition to the mindful bodywork, my classes also include meditation, mantra and the Yogic teachings. My aim is to guide students through the Spiritual Journey of Yoga to relieve anxiety, worry and stress and to bring peace, harmony and contentment into their lives.

Yoga is a Healing Tool

Yoga is a healing tool that helps us to discover who we really are by bringing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects backs into balance. When this happens we start to feel “whole” again rather than unsettled and fragmented. Learning Yoga gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves from the inside out. Through the practices of breath control, meditation and self-awareness, a spirit of tranquillity manifests that pricks our consciousness, making us more determined to explore and understand ourselves further. Yoga is a journey of self-discovery, a journey of self-realisation.

Recent Testimonials

“Although I moved away from the area a number of years and sadly had to leave Janine’s classes, I wanted to let people know how much Janine’s yoga classes and reiki courses have helped me. My husband died 4 years ago and everything that Janine taught me through the yoga and reiki helped me enormously to cope with this very difficult period of my life. Janine still answers my emails, which is so comforting, and always keeps me informed of courses or days that she thinks I may be interested in.”

Brenda – Wales

“I would certainly recommend Janine’s yoga sessions. I have made myself go to other classes over the years because I knew it was beneficial to my health and wellbeing. Since joining Janine’s class I actually look forward to attending. It is a nice combination of postures and meditation. I leave class feeling relaxed and focused.”

Janet – Sandhurst Berkshire

“I have been doing yoga with Janine for a year now and have never looked back. I was a complete beginner when I went to my first class and Janine was very welcoming . She had previously emailed me a few things I needed to bring along and what to expect. Everyone in the class was very friendly. I enjoy the yoga poses but have also found the meditation and teachings really useful to put life in prospective . Thank you Janine.”

Sara – Finchampstead Berkshire

“The full range of yoga practises taught by Janine in calm, tranquil sessions are wonderful and allow you to steer a way through the stresses of life without the usual anxieties. The Meditation has taught me to like myself again… it should be taught in all schools!!”

Sarah – Yateley Hampshire

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