Although Yoga was the first step in my transformation and it continues to bring numerous benefits to myself and my students, there is something else that is also helping me to transform my life and that is Reiki. Reiki came into my life quite unexpectedly in 2006 and from the moment I completed my first Reiki 1 course I knew Reiki was going to be an integral part of my life.

Reiki has become a daily guide for me

Reiki is part of daily living for me, improving every aspect of my life. As well as increasing my inner strength and confidence, Reiki has helped me to improve my relationships and given me greater understanding and compassion for all life. It has given me the courage to face up to all of life’s challenges and the determination to follow a path that I know is right for me. The life of struggle and strife that I once believed was my lot has faded into a distant memory and my life has been transformed to one of acceptance, happiness and contentment.

About learning Reiki

I teach and practice the original and most powerful Usui system of Reiki healing. My courses are informal, small and friendly so that all the students are guaranteed personal attention and support together with high quality training. The courses are held in Crowthorne, Berkshire.